Zarni is now 5 years old. That means it is party time. This time around, he got to pick the party theme and select his guests. Rather than do it at our house like in the past, we decided to let someone else handle all fun activities, entertaining, and food this time around. That meant we could enjoy the party as well.

The party was held at Pump It Up! Torrance. It’s basically just a huge space with various jumpers available for the kids to play around on. After spending a couple of hours wearing themselves out on the jumpers and other fun stuff, it was over to the party room for food and cake. Zarni selected a Despicable Me theme for his party and cake. There were minions everywhere and lots of yellow and blue. Everyone had fun, especially Zarni. That means we can’t slack with future parties. He will be expecting a high level of excitement and fun each year.