For the week of Thanksgiving, we took the family up to Lake Tahoe. We have been wanting to go for awhile, but had never gotten around to it. So we took a few extra days off for the holidays and made the trip. It was Naygi’s first road trip, and Zarni’s first time playing with non-manufactured snow.

We stayed at the Tahoe Seasons Resort. It was a nice room with enough space for us. It didn’t have a full kitchen and fridge, but we made due with the mini kitchen. The room’s main attraction was the large jacuzzi in the middle of the room. We took advantage of that warm relaxing jacuzzi many times after a cold day outside. It was large enough to fit the whole family, so everyone could get their soak on.

Our first order of business was to get straight into the snow. While it was cold in South Lake Tahoe that week, and they did have some snowfall the previous weekend, there was not much left on the ground. We took the gondola up to top of the Heavenly resort. There was a good amount of snow up there. Unfortunately, we came ill-prepared with the exception of Zarni, who had his gear from the LAUNCH Snow Day last year. Both Sandy and I wiped out a few times. With neither of us being snowboarders or skiers, we just let Zarni have some fun sledding. In typical Zarni style, he wasn’t super thrilled by it, but he didn’t hate, much like his trip to Cars Land.

The following day we went up to Emerald Bay State Park. Being a holiday, the park itself was closed, but various vista points and lookouts were open so we could take in the amazing views of Emerald Bay and Fannette Island. Also since this side of the mountains were opposite the sun, there was a good amount of snow still on the ground that we all played with. Snowmen were built and then kicked; snowballs were thrown and pictures were taken.

Before heading back to LA, we sent a day in the Sacremento-Stockton area to visit friends and also to take Zarni to a few kids attractions, Fairytale Town and Funderland Park. As the names suggest, one is park themed off of various children’s fairy tales and the other is an amusement park with rides designed for smaller children. Zarni enjoyed both of them, but I think he really just enjoyed being able to run around free after being cooped up in the car for so long. Zarni also made a new friend in Liam, the son of Sandy’s friend that lives in Stockton. Liam is around Zarni’s age. They both had a great time playing with one another.