It’s a dull day at work and some of your co-workers are being more annoying than usual. What do you do? You ditch work, um, got a really bad stomach ache, and go to The Grove for some shopping … and to see Victoria Justice tape an interview segment for Extra!. I went more for the latter than the former, though I did buy a pair of jeans.

Extra! tapes their shows at The Grove and they usually have a celebrity or two each day to tape a segment for an upcoming episode. The celebrity is usually promoting a movie, TV show, album, or noble cause. Most guests are not worth having to fight through LA traffic to see. Victoria Justice does not fall into this category.

There were more people there than I expected. I think most were tourists shopping there or coming from other nearby attractions and tapings. There were lots of young people there; perhaps it was their Spring Break. It does seem like Victoria’s fanbase is growing. That’s not surprising.

The taping starts with Maria Menounos showing up and recording some segments on her own, and then everyone waits for Victoria to show up. The Extra stage guy instructs folks when to applause and other general instructions. Victoria arrives. Everyone applauds. She walks up on the stage and the segment begins. She is starting a nationwide concert tour with Big Time Rush, so that’s what she is promoting. They pulled some young people from the crowd to ask her some questions. It lasted awhile. She then waved goodbye to the crowd and left.

Then I bought some jeans from Banana Republic (not pictured).