We held our 2012 AFL Draft at a lake house on Lake Livingston. The Willig family graciously let us use the house for the weekend so we could drink, shoot guns, water ski, play nerdy board games, and a bunch of other fun stuff … oh, and to have our fantasy football draft.

For the first time, we choose to have our fantasy football draft in a location other than Las Vegas. Who needs all that desert heat, laundered mob casino money, strippers, over-priced everything, and drunken everyone when you can have the remote, peaceful, quietness of Lake Livingston? Yeah, anyway, we had this year AFL draft at the Willig lake house on Lake Livingston. Another first is that we had all 10 owners at the draft. Only took 16 years; good job everyone.

We didn’t waste any time once we arrived. The folks arriving Thursday night were already on the lake Friday morning. After gassing up the boat, we all took turns on the tube. A few brave individuals tried to wakeboard, but they were not successful.

After everyone arrived, we marked ping pong balls with our team logos and pulled them out of a hat to determine our draft order. Once the food arrived for dinner, we began the draft. Scott was presented with the AFL trophy for the 4th time. And then the first pick was made. 4+ hours of boredom ensues.

Saturday called for more time on the water. More tubing and more attempts to wakeboard. Some almost had it, but then lost it. In addition to bringing ourselves and luggage, several of us also brought firearms. We are in Texas after all. After lunch we all went to the local shooting range to put holes into paper targets from a various distance away. We had a wide array of weapons ranging from Glock pistols, to AK-47’s, to a very large pistol that shot a rifle round. We passed the night away playing video games, board games, and a failed attempt to play poker.

We didn’t do much on Sunday. As I had forgotten to take a group photo during the draft, we took one on Sunday morning. The only problem was that Mark and Atkins had already left by the time most of us had woken up. The rest of us just farted around until it was time to catch their flights back home. Amory, Del, and myself stopped at Hooters on the way back to IAH. After the Thursday night dinner debacle where Amory took us to a place that he assured us had attractive waitresses but they did not, he had to try to redeem himself with his Sunday night dinner selection. He did.

Scott put together the video footage of our time on the water. It can be found here.