First there was Zarni. There are many posts related to him in this blog. Now we welcome our second child, a daughter. She came out 2.5 weeks early and caught us a bit off guard, but she is no less a bundle of joy. No doubt she will compete with Zarni for posts on this blog. Here is her first.

Nagyi Victoria Htein, born June 5, 2013 at 12:14am weighing 6 lbs 12 oz. She was 2 weeks early. We had gone in to the hospital because Sandy was in discomfort and possibly having contractions. They put her on 3 hour observation. After that, they put her on overnight observation. And shortly after that started, it became, the baby is coming out. That threw us for a loop since we weren’t fully prepared. We were somewhat prepared, but not fully prepared. Thankfully Sandy’s parents had just arrived, so we had help. Only now are we finally getting things settled down.

Mom and baby are doing well. Zarni is enjoying his new little sister. He always wants to hold her and play with her, offering her his cars. When the baby is sleeping, he goes to the side of the crib and says, “Baby sister, wake up.” One can only imagine the interactions they will have once Naygi is crawling or starting to walk.