LEGO releases many promotional and limited edition sets. One occasion when they bring out these sets is when there is a grand opening of a new LEGO store. For 2012, they decided to add a new limited edition promotional set to kick off new store openings, a mini LEGO store. To get one, you need to be at a grand opening of a LEGO store and be one of the first 200-300 people to buy at least $35 of LEGO merchandise.

I found out about this set about two months ago. It looked cool, and I decided I wanted one. However, there were a few problems. There were no LEGO store openings in my area. With 3 stores already in Southern California, I highly doubt there will be any more. Folks were selling it for $100 or more on the secondary market. I wasn’t about to pay much even if it was limited (300 sets * 10 store openings = 3000 sets for 2012). Since this is LEGO, I thought why not buy the individual bricks and build it myself. It isn’t a big set, only 280 pieces. So that’s what I did.

I was able to find the instructions for the Mini LEGO Store on LEGO’s website. Here is the link for any that are interested. I printed out the parts page and went to Bricklink to find 280 pieces from the set. A quick glance at the list showed mostly common pieces. There were not any very rare pieces, so I knew from the outset that this was going to to be much cheaper than $100. It took six different Bricklink sellers, but I was able to get all 280 pieces including shipping for $58. The sticker set (which is just 1 sticker) was the most expensive item at $6.

Since this is a special set, both from a uniqueness standpoint and the fact that I bought it brick by brick, I decided I would try one of those stop-motion build videos that you see on Youtube. Being a small set, it was a good way to introduce myself to stop-motion videos without taking too much time, and I felt the set was worth it. The build itself was simple and straightforward. The finished product looked nice, and I’m happy with the end result.

LEGO Store Promo
Mini LEGO Store (3300003)
280 pieces


Stop-motion video of the Mini LEGO Store being built