The entire family is a fan of the Nickelodeon show “Victorious”. We have all the episodes on our DVR. We have all the DVD’s. We have the CD of songs from the show. With the upcoming release of the show’s 2nd CD, I found out about CD signing with some members of the cast. The bracelet giveaway was at an FYE in Torrance, so I figured why not grab one and get a CD signed by the cast, plus Zarni could get to see them as well.

To get the bracelet, you had to buy a CD. Since I wanted two, I had to buy two CD’s. Add in the one I already pre-ordered on Amazon. Yes, I have 3 CD’s, but it’s okay. $24 isn’t a lot, and I don’t mind since the show and its cast have provided us with lots of entertain over the years. However, I should have read the fine print on the event. While the bracelet giveaway was in Torrance, the actual signing was going to be at Universal City. That’s quite a drive for a Monday evening. Also, the entire cast wasn’t going to be there, just Victoria Justice (Tori), Leon Thomas (Andre), Liz Gillies (Jade), and Matt Bennett (Robbie). Not that big of a deal, because they are the most prominent, but it would have been nice to get all the signatures.

I decided that getting there 1-2 hours before the signing was best. I didn’t want to get there too early because I know Zarni’s calm time is limited. If I got there too late, the line could get very long and then I’d have to stay late to work through the line. It was on a Monday night, and I was coming from work, so I didn’t want to get home at like 10pm. We got there around 4:30pm. The line wasn’t very long at that time. I estimated about 150 people in front of us. Zarni stayed calm most of the time we were in line. Everyone in line had the CD with them, and Zarni kept point to everyone’s CD’s and saying “Tori!” I told him (like he would understand) to keep that up and say when we get up to her. She’ll think it’s cute.

I think they started later than scheduled because the line didn’t start moving until 6:30pm, but when it did start to move, it moved briskly. But then things started to go awry. The signing was being held upstairs in the Hard Rock Cafe, so I had to ditch the stroller. That’s bad because Zarni has been sitting in that stroller for two hours. He’s ready to run. The other bad thing are the stairs. He loves stairs and escalators. Since the upstairs area was small and open, he could see the stairs and wanted to run to them. So I had to restrain a 2 yr old who’s been stuck in a stroller and loves stairs for another 5 minutes upstairs. It was difficult. When we finally got up there, he was a bit more calm. When he got to Victoria, he just stood there with his head on the table and stared at her. He didn’t say anything cute. Oh well.

In the end Liz Gillies (Jade) didn’t show up, but we got autographs from the other 3 cast members. I was only able to take one photo since the whole process was very rush-rush. But we got what we came for, and it was time to go back home.