Earlier in the month, we went to Hiroshi’s 1st birthday party. Zarni’s been to several kids’ birthday parties, but he’s always been too young to really enjoy them in the past. This time around he’s able to interact with the other kids and enjoy in all of the activities. He had a good time.

There was a bouncy castle there. Zarni has seen them before, but he wasn’t really old enough to play and enjoy it before. This time he was, and he really got a kick out of it minus those two collisions with other kids that sent him out crying.

Zarni also got a chance to whack at the pinata this time around as well. He still hasn’t figured out that he can hold the stick with two hands for more power. He does this with his T-ball set as well, always using one hand to swing the bat. I wonder if I got him some golf clubs if he’d use one hand to swing that as well.


Zarni jumping around in the bouncy castle