I am a social networking holdout. I don’t have a Facebook page or a Google+ page. I don’t like, digg, tweet or any other kind of stuff like that. If I like something that I want to share it with someone, I’ll give them a call (old fashioned, I know). You know that old communication medium that allows a full conversion with things like tone, inflection, and emotion that can be communicated along with the words. Anyway, before I get all curmudgeony about the impersonal nature of new technology, I’ll get to the point. I am now on Twitter, @malsheem. But I will not be tweeting, so there is no point following me. Tweeting is a way people and groups send out info, and I’ve missed out on some things recently, so I decided to utilize Twitter to keep in the loop on these things. That’s it for now. Don’t hold your breath about the Facebook page, for those that keep asking me about that.