Zarni had his 7th birthday party over the weekend. Rather than have another Pump It Up party, we decided to have it at the house this time, and we invite his entire class. Most of his classmates ended up coming to the party. Add in his friends from preschool and the kids of our friends and there were about 35 kids there. I was stressing out about the numbers all week. Did we have enough food? Did we have enough space? Did we have enough things for the kids to do? The party went smoothly though. It was a madhouse, but it was a sort of controlled chaos. Everyone had a great time, kids and adults.

I won’t bored you with photos, mostly because I took very few. Between chatting with the other parents, keeping the food and drinks flowing, and preventing curious kids from entering the house, there wasn’t too much time for photography. It was a Hot Wheels themed party, because Zarni is back into Hot Wheels again. We gave him the Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage for his birthday. We used the face painter and balloon twister from Taylor Entertainment like we did with Naygi’s party last year. We had the ubiquitous birthday party jumper. Juan the Taco Guy provided tasty tacos for our guests. And we had two birthday cakes, one from The Good Cookie that Zarni could eat and one generic birthday cake from Costco.