These past few weeks I been busy trying to get caught up on all the missing posts from this past year. I think I finally have 2015 completed. Halloweens, vacations and trips, and small events here and there. I need to get a better system going for 2016 so I can publish posts quicker. Plus, I want to get more video out in the posts as well. There were some videos for 2015 events that I never got around to editing. A new year’s resolution already in the making.

In the past I have shied away from social media. While I have Instagram and Twitter accounts, they were used for following people, not for the sharing of my photos or thoughts. In the beginning of this year that changed. I post on Instagram often, though my tweets are just of my Instagram posts. So if you don’t like waiting months for updates and want to see what is happening, I recommend following me on those platforms.
Instagram @malsheem
Twitter @malsheem

And finally, there will be a new blog in 2016. A new blog? When I can’t keep this one I already have updated? And there are barely any people reading the one I publish? Yes. I decided to break out my hobby stuff into another blog. That way I can leave keep all the family stuff separated. If people go searching for hobby stuff, they don’t really need to see all the kids’ parties. And family and friends can always click over to the new blog if they want to see what I have been wasting my time with lately. There is nothing on the new site yet, but slowly stuff will show up. Already finished my first simple woodworking project which will be the first post.
Creations by Quiet Rage

That’s it. Ready for 2016.