It has been 25 years since I was last in Singapore. I was there for 6th, 7th, and 8th grades at SAS. Good times. Everything keeps telling me how much Singapore has changed, though I just wanted to see if my hold hangouts were still around. Sandy’s sister moved to Singapore recently and since we had some vacation time to burn, we decided to take a little trip back to the tiny island nation.

You will notice that there are a lot of food photos from the trip. Food memories are some of my fondest memories from my childhood in Singapore. Chili crab, satay, and ice kachang are some of my favorites. We wasted no time getting to food when we got there. Jetlag be damned, we headed out to Sandy’s sister’s recommended seafood place for steamed fish and various types of crab. Messy, but tasty.

The next was all about seeing the new Singapore highlighted by the impressive Marina Bay Sands. We went to the Gardens by the Bay; the outdoor garden and the two conservatories. We also went up to the Marina Bay Sands observation deck. It provided some spectacular views of the city.

The next day we headed to Sentosa, a small resort island off the southern coast. I remember it as a calm, quiet place. It’s completely different now. It’s got a monorail and a Universal Studios. We walked the beach and enjoyed some time at a kid’s waterpark, the Port of Lost Wonder.

Of course, there was a day spent shopping. Well, there were several days spent shopping. One evening we headed to Merlion Park to see the famous Merlion. Sadly, it was undergoing some construction, so it wasn’t in its full glory. As the sun set that night, we took a boat ride over to the Singapore Flyer, a giant ferris wheel. From the top of it, some 500ft, it provided some awesome night time views of the city provided you aren’t afraid of heights. Sandy did not go on it.

But the best part of the trip and the part I was most looking forward to was the trip to Newton Circus, or Newton Food Centre as it is now called. It’s now a lot more built up. There is a parking lot. The food stands are now more permanent, not carts, and there are real tables and chairs, not the flimsy tables and plastic chairs I remember. But the food tastes exactly as I remember it. I ate all my usuals, satay, ice kachang, and sugar cane juice. I tried some other stuff, too. It was all good.

It was a fun trip. It was good to see all the places that I remember as a kid, and all the new places since my last visit. It was good to see all of Sandy’s family. The next trip will probably be much sooner than 25 years.