Zarni always loves Halloween. He gets to dress up as his favorite characters. He gets to hangout with his friends later than most nights. He gets lots of candy and can eat most of it. And it is even better when it happens on the weekend because he doesn’t have to wake up the next morning for school. So this had the makings of a very fun weekend.

Since Zarni is in kindergarten now, the school Halloween parade was much bigger than the ones at LAUNCH or preschool. So many kids, so many parents, so many Darth Vaders. Zarni was Darth Vader. So were two other kids in his class. And there were too Batmen. So five boys in black with capes. That made it difficult to find him in the parade. Also all the teachers were witches. That also didn’t help. After the parade, it was back to the classroom for Halloween related activities and crafts.

The fun really began that night. In the past, we would head out to the Zaws in Hermosa Beach and do the trick-or-treating there. However, our new neighbors told us that Halloween in our new neighborhood was very good and quite crazy, so this year we stayed around the house. Zarni’s best friend Daniel joined us for the fun. It started out slow, but as the night progressed, more and more kids were on the streets. As we went up and down the streets, we saw more and more elaborately decorated house. Pretty soon, it was kids everywhere, and they moved in packs from house to house. I’ve never been in a locust swarm, but I imagine that trick-or-treating kids would be similar in movements and appetite. Naygi never left her stroller. She was fully content observing everything in the comfort of a stroller while wearing her Little Red Riding Hood outfit. Perhaps next year she joins in the madness.

When we got home, things were still busy outside, so it was time to hand out the candy. Last year, I left 400 or so pieces of candy outside in a big “help yourself” bowl. It was all gone. This year I upped to count to 650+ pieces. It didn’t last long. Zarni and Daniel really enjoyed passing out the candy to the other kids. When all the candy was gone, the kids began to go through their piles and the gorging began. If you don’t wake up sick of or from candy the next morning, you did Halloween wrong.