Category: Outdoors

A weekend enjoying the warmth

Great weather. It’s one of the reasons people live in Southern California, despite the wildfires, earthquakes, traffic, pollution, celebrities, and high cost of living. We had some great weather this weekend, so we hit the beach on Saturday….

A day at the Huntington Library

Last Saturday was an unusually warm day for January in Southern California. Zarni doesn’t like being indoors for too long. It makes him restless, so we decided to spend the day outside, specifically at the Huntington Library in Pasadena. We haven’t been there since we moved to Torrance, so it was good to go back…

Eagle Rock Hike

The Eagle Rock/Springs trail is the Topanga State Park between Santa Monica and Malibu. The trail loop’s biggest feature is Eagle Rock, a large rock formation on the hillside. The trail starts of pretty steep as you gain elevation to get to Eagle Rock to enjoy some fantastic views. The trail then loops back to…

Switzer Falls/Bear Canyon Hike

Switzer Falls is located in the Angeles National Forest. The hike follows a stream through the Arroyo Seco Canyons to Switzer Falls and continues to the Bear Canyon campsite. Like most canyon hikes, it’s nice and cool, but you have to criss-cross the stream many times during the hike….

Big Bear Snowboarding Day

The guys wanted to hit the slopes one more time before the snow melted. Since I was in Australia during their Mammoth trip, this outing was my first attempt at snowboarding. I expected it to be difficult, but it was more than that. The combination of awkward positions, cold, less than forgiving snowpack, and various…