Category: Outdoors

Christmas in the Bahamas

It’s cold this time of year. So as the winter solstice approached and with the kids out of school, we took a trip to a warmer location, the Bahamas. It was our first time in the Caribbean, so we were looking forward to seeing what the islands were like. The plan was for it to…

Thanksgiving in Lake Tahoe

For the week of Thanksgiving, we took the family up to Lake Tahoe. We have been wanting to go for awhile, but had never gotten around to it. So we took a few extra days off for the holidays and made the trip. It was Naygi’s first road trip, and Zarni’s first time playing with…

The 2012 AFL Draft

We held our 2012 AFL Draft at a lake house on Lake Livingston. The Willig family graciously let us use the house for the weekend so we could drink, shoot guns, water ski, play nerdy board games, and a bunch of other fun stuff … oh, and to have our fantasy football draft….

Walking, riding, paddling, and peddling

Last Sunday, we headed out to Irvine Regional Park to spend some time outdoors and to check out a place we had not been to before. The park was quite big and had lots of activities to do including train rides, pony rides, biking, and a zoo….

Throwing rocks into the ocean

We went to White Point State Beach over the weekend. Unlike the beaches north of the Palos Verde peninsula which are sandy beaches, White Point, located south of the PV peninsula, is a rocky beach. I think people go there mostly for fishing, snorkeling, or scuba. There were lots of people doing those things there….