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LEGO CUUSOO – Hayabusa

The Hayabusa was LEGO’s first worldwide CUUSOO release. It was originally released only in Japan like the Shinkai 6500, but they did an additional worldwide release during the summer of 2012. Having become a fan of CUUSOO, I picked it up as soon as it was released….

LEGO CUUSOO – Shinkai 6500

The summer of 2012 was all about LEGO CUUSOO for LEGO fans. Their first worldwide release, the Hayabusa, had just come out and everyone was eagerly waiting for the upcoming Minecraft set. In a CUUSOO frame of mind, I thought about getting the very first CUUSOO release, the Shinkai 6500. It was only released in…

LEGO Architecture – Brandenburg Gate

Some LEGO Architecture sets took a price cut on recently. This set was one that I was interested, but not enough to buy it. Unsurprising, when the price went down, my interest rised to a level that caused me to buy it. It was a good move. While this was a relatively simple build,…

LEGO Architecture – Big Ben

The second Architecture release for 2012 is Big Ben. A well-timed release since the world’s attention will shortly be focused on England for the Summer Olympics. I’ve been looking forward to this since I like Big Ben; it is quite iconic, and I’m into the smaller LEGO sets these days since my time is limited….

LEGO – Mini LEGO Store

LEGO releases many promotional and limited edition sets. One occasion when they bring out these sets is when there is a grand opening of a new LEGO store. For 2012, they decided to add a new limited edition promotional set to kick off new store openings, a mini LEGO store. To get one, you need…